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Miles Duffield was born in South Western Colorado in a small ranching town called Norwood. He grew up playing games in the forest surrounding his house, and hasn’t strayed much from that path since, turning his play into craft, and transferring it to the stage and screen. Miles is years deep in acting training and experience, having attended Idyllwild School of the Arts for the final two years of his High school career, then graduated from the Pacific Conservatory of the Arts in ’10, and has a BFA in acting from the University of North Carolina (’14). His favorite roles have been Oliver in The Means (Process Pictures 2013); James in Because You’re too Nice (Process Pictures 2012, Bermuda International Film Festival Official Selection); Gayev in The Cherry Orchard (UNCSA 2013); and most recently Collin in Carol Churchill’s Abortive (UNCSA 2013, Mary Irwin).

Feel free to contact him at miles@milesduffield.com